Snowshoe Adventure - gurlsam

Snowshoe Adventure

January 2018

An overnight snowshoe adventure up to Roßberghütte in the Tennengebirge mountains just outside Salzburg. Heavy snowfall both before and during the trip meant knee deep fresh powder and made it a challenge to shoot. I haven't done much photography in heavy snow whilst trying to also move through it, not to mention the gear we were carrying. And of course what we carried up we had to carry down too so everyone wearing trash bags the next day also meant thinking a little more about a shot when taking it. 

On the way down we looked for shortcuts wherever possible and often ended up sliding down steep parts on feet or arses, whatever was easiest. 

Getting lost on the way up meant we arrived in the dark and were very thankful, and lucky, to see the hut which was almost buried beneath the snow.

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